Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Update

Megat taking in the breeze

Megat is feeling quite well. He is his sual self and very greedy, as always. I wonder how a cat that eats so much has become so thin. He is now 3.62 from 3.65. The office manager who helped Dr P to take his blood for the hematology tests was very surprised. "He is so thin! He used to be bigger!" she exclaimed.

He is usually very good at taking his meds but I guess the milk thistle does not taste good at all. This morning I thought I would try giving it to him myself but he spat it out. So I guess it would have to give it to him on alternate days. I could put it in his food but I do not want to mess with his prednisone.

Last night he was rather warm so i put the chilled water cushion for him. I was gld to see that his apetite was back and he ate his night snack and salmon treat happily.

Today he was his usual self, sitting with grandma and I and only tried to harass Toro once :) So maybe Dr P is right. The side effects of no appetite does not last long. This is good news as he cannot get any thinner I hope. Posted by Picasa

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