Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update after Cyclophosphomide

Megat has been very regular the last two nights with his poo. I am glad that he has done it in his own litter every night from Tuesday 160609. It is easier for me to keep track. I have included 20 ml of duphalac in his supplements with either papaya or pumpkin, the usual mushroom combination, ling zhi and milk thistle. Then I had given him about 20 ml of water. This has been the usual regimen with him for the last 2 days and for 2 days in a row, he has managed to poo. The poo is rather firm. So maybe this is the best formula for him at this time. He does not go during the day though except to pee.

He takes his formula with good grace with only minor fussing and grandma and Cousin R have been very good at helping me. Of cos Megat's antics made them laugh too so the whole process was not too arduous for everyone, Megat included. He ate is pumpkin with much better grace though. Maybe its because he is used to the taste of pumpkin.

I would not be able to see if there is blood in his urine as he does it in his litter but I am sure that with all that water in his system, this would not happen. I was glad to see that he went to pee quite soon afetr we got back from the hospital as that means some of the the drug would have gone through his system and out. He urinates regularly which is a good thing as 37% - 82% (20% intact) would be excreted through urine.

He is doing much better with the Cyclophosphomide and is alert and active. Maybe it is the supplements that have made such a difference. He still sleeps but not any more than he used to do before the chemo. He is getting into the swing of asking for scritches and brushing regularly and more important, he still grooms himself as carefully as before. :) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hurray, Megat poos for 2 days in a row, great! Our M had duphalac/papaya/pumpkin mix for 2mths & ok. M's mid-poo is softer and orang-y colour inside-we're also shit inspectors.

Mary said...

May be you like to leave loose sheets of tissue in his litter tray to monitor for blood in Megat's urine.