Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pilling Megat

dear san

I feel that you should practise with offur cats more before trying to pill me with the yukky prednisone yourself. You were lucky this morning and on a second try at that..hee. You know I will try my very best not to eat that pill willingly and I know that you will always try to get me to take it. We will see which one offur us will be victorious! VIVA LA CHAT!

your chat


KXBC said...

Pilling is practise, practise and practise. For yourself and Megat. The more you do it, the smoother the process.

Serious. No joke.

After pilling XX twice a day for almost a year, we can pill her 5 to 8 pills in less than 2 min, even when she is uncooperative.

And after some time, Megat will also get to know the routine and will willingly subject himself to the pilling process. Offering his favorite treat after the pilling helps. For XX, that treat is tuna water from Solid Gold.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, pilling is experience ;) How about a Kruuse pill-popper with soft rubber tip? I totally love it. Your fingers do not have to go in/out of back of the throat of cat. Do the foul tasting/smelling pills (eg TCM ones) near the end & i finish with Enisyl-F paste which is palatable.
If there are too many pills, consider splitting into 2x. Occasionally if cat throws up (cat cld decide to do that with ease), you know which half comes out ;)

KXBC said...

The pill popper helps, esp in the initial phase. I think it's around $10 from the vet. But fingers are best. Most times, they don't chomp down on your fingers but accidents do happen. :)

XX is so well trained she actually comes into the kitchen voluntarily every morning to be pilled. She knows she will get her reward after her pilling. But sometimes I don't give her lah. :)