Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday notes

Are you looking at me san?

Megat is surprisingly well for a cat with drugs in his system. He has not lost much energy. Rather he has been walking about rather spritely. His toilet habits are regular and I am glad to see that even this morning he had left me poo in his litter and 2 big pee clumps. He still runs off when he sees me and no longer hangs about on the cat blankets on the bed as he knows it make shim easy to pick up :) So he has taken to hiding under the table, right in the innermost corner so he almost disappears from view. I have yet to give him the Solid Gold tuna water formula as yesterday he had his usual sub q and supplements which gives him a lot of water. This morning, he had some Tiki with a lot of jelly for his morning water consumption. Grandma tells me tha he does drink form his Dora cup but I have yet to see it for myself. This is what he looks like this morning - bright alert eyes and a suspicious glance :) Posted by Picasa

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