Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Letter to My Cat after his 1st chemo

Dear Megat
You were as usual very brave at the vet's. They told me you were a very good patient but we know that already although it did not hurt to be told that again :) I hope you did not think that I was very rude not to consult anyone about the chemo but you know it would have been as difficult for them too to make such decisions.
I hope the 45 minutes was not too bad. I sometimes do not know how it must be as you were calm but later, in the taxi, you were aquiet and looked calmly about as though nothing of consequence had happened but we both knew that something had.
The doc told me that I should give you only a little canned food to eat as you may vomit the whole thing up again but you did not. I had grounded the prednisone well and I hope you did not taste it too much. I am sorry I could not give you any more of your favourite canned food cos , well you know, we did not want you to throw it all up again. I was very glad you took the milk thistle in your stride :)
I was quite anxious when you had a temperature and I saw you were trying to find some where cool to rest. I called the hospital at 10 pm and asked them if you should even be having a temperature and they said it with chemo patients, this could happen although it does not happen to every patient. I am sorry it had to happen to you. I had put the cool water cushion in the freezer and then at one side of your cage so you could have somewhere cool to rest if you needed it. I am glad you still felt that salmon treats should be eaten no matter what. No, it doesn't matter if you do not eat the dry food that I had placed in your cage in case you got hungry. I know you look forward to this every night. The doc said it would be better after 2 days at most.
Be Well Megat...goodnight


Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

We're glad things seemed to go as well as possible for this first round. We hope the side-effects will be minimal and Megat will feel better as a result.

EJ. said...

You are a brave kitty, Megat
*Hugs for you and the amigos*

Mary said...

Take care Megat, be brave and walk this journey with san. You know she is doing all this because she loves you and she wants you to be well again.

KXBC said...

As long as he is pain free, it's worth all the effort.

Dawn said...

Hope Megat is feeling better!