Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Results of vet visit - no vincristine today

wbc too low at 2.12 from 3.26 last week

Dr P was quite confident that we could do the chemo today - vincristine but his haematology test indicated other wise. She was pleased with his condition for last week and told me that the Endoxan was a little milder than the vincrsitine and so he should be more energetic. She was also pleased with his prep results. He has put on a little weight and is now 3.54 from 3.5 kg.

I am very pleased that his liver seemed better with his ALT at 90 (normal 20-100). His last test had his ALT at 105. The milk thistle may have done a lot of good here. His BUN is 22 from 27 (normal 10-30) and his CRE is 1.2 from 1.5 (normal 0.3-2.1). Even his TP has gone down to 8.7 from 9.0 (normal 5.4- 8.2). I think this would be the result of syringing him with about 60 ml of water daily. These last 2 days I had only syringed him with about 10 ml of water since he suddenly decided to drink by himself on Saturday. But I am very kiasu and syringed him anyway as I don't think he drinks enough water. His GLU h/w has gone up to 165 from128 (normal 70-150). She didn't think this was a concern though. I read that this could be due to stress. He really does not need diabetes in his life now!

He is down to 1/4 tab of his steroid prednisolone too. I can only hope that next week his wbc is good enough for his chemo.Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Most cats' glucose is higher at vet unless it is a very calm cat. Besides, if cat had a meal, b/g cld be higher too. Don't worry San.