Thursday, July 30, 2009

2nd Day of sang hwang suppository

Oh dear...when will san make me take the nasty fings?
Megat swaddled in preparation for the supplements...
The sang hwang suppository...
Megat in nifty orange - time to rest and relax after the whole ordeal...
He likes being swaddled and would sometimes fall asleep while taking the supplements!
After 30 minutes Megat got to get out but he decided to hang around in the computer room for a little while longer...

Tonight was not so bad. I got the suppository in one push although he protested rather sharply. Then I held him for a bit so he can relax. after which he got the rest of his supplements and then another session of just cuddling :) I thought he should have a change of towel, something that doesn't smell of ling zhi or pumpkin :). It was not as nerve-wrecking as last night- thats for sure.

Megat was also very much more relaxed and did not run out of the room immediately but opted to hang around the door, grooming. Then he went out to investigate salmon smells but returned to sit for a very short while with me in the computer room. I have yet to check the bins though but since I held him for much longer than yesterday, I am quite assured that no accident would happen. *cross fingers*

I went to the bins and was quite horrified to see fresh poo. Of course like a good and desperate cat person I scrutinized each one closely and did not see the sang hwang. I asked Cousin R if she saw Megat going to the bins but she said Megat had been with her in the living room all this while and not in the bedroom or toilet. So I guess we are safe :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Finally my first effort at giving Megat his suppository was successful. I was very anxious and had to try 3 times as the suppository became very slippery with the cooking oil. I bought gloves so it would be more hygienic for Megat and myself. He was not pleased and moved around alot but finally I took a deep breath and pushed it in gently. Then I cradled him with his blanket for about 5 minutes and then gave him the rest of the supplements. After that, Cousin R helped me to clear everything up while I cradled him again quietly. I was afraid he would rush to the toilet to get rid of the suppository. Dr L told me to hold him close for 15 min and the nurse told me I should distract him for an hour. I decided half and hour would do it :) Once I released him from his blanket I allowed him to walk about in the room and he didn't do any 'poo' actions so all is well. I am really relieved.

Of course I had to check the bins to see if Megat had returned the 'gift'...hmmm...what are these things in the bins....I don't see anything resembling the sang hwang but I did see new poo. I hope he was able to absorb the suppository and not wasted it. Actually I don't even know if the poo was Megat's to begin with as I have stopped giving him the papaya and pumpkin for constipation as he is no more constipated and therefore could not identify po anymore :)

Review Update

I am now supposed to eat Silver? What else? In my butt?No way san_jose!!

Our appointment with Dr L went smoothly and neither Megat nor I was very anxious. We had to wait some time for the doc but when he appeared everything went BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!

He had his usual blood tests - his haematology one as well as his prep profile test. His numbers for his liver is higher than normal but other wise everything else went well. Dr L says the sang hwang also helps with the liver. His weight has gone down slightly from 3.77 to 3.74 kg but the doc was pleased with his progress.

Dr L is going to only give him low doses of vincristine 0.1 only and then we are also doing 1/4 tab of Lukeran every two days. He also gave Megat a bottle of colloidal silver, a tcm supplement as well. he has to take 3 ml twice a day. I forgot to give him his morning 3 ml and allowed him out of his cage. No wonder he merrily scooted off and went into immediate hiding. I did not have time to persuade him at all so that was one chance lost already. I gave him his 3 ml of collidal silver with some pumpkin yesterday and he was quite happy to take it.

Dr L also showed me how to give Megat the sang hwang suppository (ouch). It looks like a small bullet of beeswax and I have to lubricate it with some oil/lubricant. Dr L did it with one gentle push and Megat did not even flinch. Dr L kept telling me that Megat was very 'good' and gentle. Aiyoh! I told the doc that Megat was a very good Pretender and he is always amazingly good-natured at the vet's. :) But once he is home and I have to give him something, its like a small skirmish. (But with Bujang, it would be a 3rd World War!). I was then to hold him close for about 15 minutes for the sang hwang to be absorbed by his body and also it was to prevent him from going to the loo to get it out. :) The assistant held him after that and Megat actually went into some kind of slumber. So the doc and the assistants had quite a difficult time believing my seemingly tall tale about His Fiesty Highness :)

I told the doc I would try especially after he told me that the suppository would ensure he would get 100% of the effects and if I give him the ling zhi orally, 60% would be destroyed by stomach acids! So got 4 suppositories (300 mg each) to try. I would get the capsule if I was not suceesful with them next week.

The protocol is much changed. Now we are doing vincristine only; 1/4 Lukeran every two days, colloidal silver twice a day and sang hwang suppository once a day. With this we hope that he would be able to have a healthy immune system. Dr L says that sometimes if we are very aggressive with the chemo, then the cat dies with the chemo. Although there is no cure for lymphoma, we are working towards the cat dying with the cancer- that is old age and not with chemo. I think this is a wise thing to do for 13 year-old Megat.

Dr L gave him a cocktail of vincristine, metomide and vitamin B complex and so he only had one injection although he had to try 3 different veins. But Megat took everything in his stride to the ring of "You're such a good cat. I can't believe it." :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Update on Sang Hwang

No he doesn't like the liquid version of the ling zhi. I have tried it with papaya or pumpkin or both. However he can be persuaded to eat it first thing in the morning before grandma lets him out of the cage. He has to be swaddled like a baby and be given the sang hwang very firmly. After this bottle, I would have to ask the doc for the powdered form which he tolerates better.
Cousin R bought me a tin of canned pumpkin by Libby's. Its 100% pumpkin and used for making pies. I now use this instead of mashing pumpkin. Megat takes this much better in the syringes with his supplements although he does not like it in his food. For THAT, I have to give him mashed pumpkin!
He has not put on much weight from last week. Instead Cousin R thinks he has lost some and so I have taken to giving him back the health ling zhi as well.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i'm keeping my eye on you san

I know what you're up to. The answer is NO...

No san..I dun want to eat the sang doesn't taste good...

But Dr L says its for cancer silly. I tasted it. It tastes like nothing. It has no taste.

We cats have more refined taste buds. Take that syringe out of my mouth you silly bean. You can't make it eat it in the morning..

But its good for..


Btw he had to eat it anyway as I had swaddled him well and good in the morning. Then he had some kibble so he forgot all about it. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vet Visit with Dr L

Megat resting after dinner this evening...
The ling zhi that Dr L recommends - Sang Hwang ling zhi for cancer
Megat getting sleepy after dinner...

Our visit with Dr L was short and sweet. Another vet was also in attendance (not a nurse) and she took Megat's vitals. He is now 3.77 kg (hurrah) from 3.56 two weeks ago. Dr L came in, after surgery and asked me how old he was. "13," I said. He was very surprised and then discussed his plan for Megat with me. He said that after 2 or 3 sessions, he might recommend that I give Megat a vincristine tablet at home, on alternate days so he does not have to come to the hospital every week. I told him that I have yet to get over Megat biting me and he laughed when he saw that Megat had only 1 canine and a few of his front teeth left. "Its ok to fight with him on alternate days," and I concurred.

There was no blood test as Dr L said Megat looked very well and all his vitals were ok. He was not dehydrated and his weight was good. He said the blood test would be for the time when Megat does not look well. Then in less than 5 minutes, he had given Megat his vincristine, without the catheter, in his very tiny vein on his left foreleg. WAH! I thought. Not bad. Megat did not even have time to recover and all was over. There was no blue bandage and no complaints from Megat. He got the anti emetic and we were out. Dr L said next time we would combine everything together so Megat would only get one injection.

Dr L said we have to be back next week where he will take Megat's blood test to see if he could be given his Endoxan. I seriously doubt it as if Megat is true to form, his wbc would be too low for any of that. We made an appointment to see Dr L again next week.

Dr L recommended the Sang Hwang ling zhi as he said this ling zhi was one that is used for cancer patients. So I said we would try anything at this point. He said there are over 20 types of ling zhi. That is of course true and I have been giving our ling zhi to Megat for his health and indeed it has worked very well as he has put on weight, become more cheerful and playful and generally more alert. Dr L said it would be ok to give him the Sang Hwang lingzhi after we have finished with our health-giving linzhi so I would follow that advice. He said most pets can take the liquid form very well but when I asked his attendant vet, she said it tastes kind of foul and recommended that I give it with some honey. I asked if I could give it with some papaya as Megat likes it that way (I had been giving him his ling zhi with mashed papaya) and she said it would be ok as long as he doesn't have it with any other medication. But then I have only been giving him mushroom supplements plus the ling zhi so I think the whole thing would be ok.

All in all we had quite an easy time of it today, unlike our horrendous adventure two weeks ago with the nurse.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Letter to my cat

Megat on Sunday

Dear Megat

I am glad you are taking the supplements and coping with the vet. You have behaved very well indeed and no one could ask you for anything more. I am very sorry about the harrowing experience that I had put you through last Tuesday. Please forgive me.

On the 2nd of July, I know that you have lived through one month from the day Dr P said you had 4 months to live. Does it mean you have 3 months more with us? I do not know these answers. I only have what the docs have told me to hold on to. I put my faith in you more than the chemo although I should have more faith in what the docs say. I am glad there are people who are trying to help us with this and I thank them for their kindness and concern for us. I know I had told myself I should not watch the days but I can't help it.

I know the supplements have kept you well and you look happy and healthy and I'm sure Bujang does not midn you trying to run him off your mat :) or that you try to muscle into his territory although I suggest you exercise some caution.



Poly-mva - our new supplement

Our package finally arrived yesterday...
Contents - 2 bottles and 2 syringes packed in styrofoam...

The much-awaited supplement for Megat...

Megat trying to prevent me from reading the literature...

"So she doesn't give it to me...more supplements...oh noooo!"

The Poly-mva finally arrived for us. We had to pay some taxes on it unlike the supplements we got from This supplement does the following:
  • assist the body in producing energy by recyling the free radicals, not just quenching them
  • supports liver funsctions
  • assist in promoting healthy cell integrity
  • assist in removal of hevay metals from the bloodstream
  • acts as a powerful antioxident and detoxifier
  • support nerve and neurotransmitter function
  • enhances white blood cell function
  • support pH balance, helping to maintain oxygenation of cells and tissues

Of course the website has much more information. I know that pH balance and oxygenation of cells and tissue are paramount in trying to combat cancer.

It tastes like something you get from the doctor for a nasty cough. But with some pumpkin, it doesn't taste bad. Megat likes it with pumpkin and he has to take 1ml 2x a day. I think Megat has gotten used to his nightly ritual of supplements which makes it less stressful for him and for me.

I think the supplements of milk thistle, ling zhi, Natural defense with 16 mushroom combination has worked very well for him as he is not as tired as before when he has to take vincristine. He is now alert, his eyes are clear and he is drinking by himself. :) I am much encouraged as he is better able to cope with his chemo.

5th visit to the Vet - Vincristine

Megat getting some Saturday sun

Our 5th vet visit was full of incident. Poor Megat did not have an easy time with the catheter. But he was very patient. Firstly he gave blood like the hero that he was, from his carotid and then we waited outside. It took very long as the hospital ran out of reagent!!! AIYOH! So it tool twice as long. Then when it was finally our turn, Dr P was busy with another patient. The nurse J asked me to put Megat on the table as she proceeded to prepare him for the catheter. It was not a successful attempt. I did not want Megat to wait long as he was getting tired and was trembling on the table. I was very stupid and should have asked the nurse to stop and then wait for Dr P anyway. I am very sorry Megat.

Dr P came in and checked J's handiwork. She announced that she would have to find another vein as the previous one was no good. She tried his second foreleg but found his vein too fine for the catheter. Finally she was successful at his hind leg. So he got his vincristine shot at last. Poor Megat was bandaged on 3 legs - like a victim of war!

The doc and I agreed that as his platelets was very low at 22 (normal 100 to 300) he could not get his adriamycine shot. She said it was ok to just do the vincristine and endoxan. So that was what we decided to stick with.

Because of this he does not have to go for 2 weeks and we both hope that his wbc would be better (it was 2.58). So on the 21st July he would go back to hospital for his vincristine. The nurse (not J) told me that Dr P would not be on call as she would be on vacation (although she did say in the room that she would be back on the 21st). I asked him who would be on call and he told me Dr L and Dr S. So I made an appointment for Dr L for Megat. I hope nothing else would go wrong.