Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday update for 2nd week

Megat is feeling very frisky these days. He drinks from his Dora cup and he eats well. These last 2 days I decided to give him some fussie cat in the morning after his daily pill (as a reward) and for dinner as well as it has a lot of jelly and so he gets water from that. He does not eat his wet food as much though, even his Natural Balance. Even so, as long as he is eating I am not as anxious.
He is also getting used to his supplements of 2 ml duphalac and mashed papaya (for constipation), mushroom and milk thistle. He no longer splutters and neither does he try to spit it out. I had to put the mashed papaya through a sieve so it would syringe much better. However, he is not making it easy for me, and I do not expect him to :)
I have decided that the only way to give him his prednisolone is the 'cowardly' way. I don't get bitten which is good for me and he does not get too stressed out. I decided to give it to him dissolved in alittle honeyed water. If he can have it in his food, he most certianly can get it in water. :) Sometimes however, he refuses to swallow the solution, preferring to keep it in his mouth. But finally he still has to swallow and once I see his tongue, its time for the rest of the solution. So he gets about o.5 ml of honeyed water with his prednisolone.
Right after his prednisolone and his supplements, he would get his salmon treats and then he would sit by me to groom. All is forgiven and forgotten until the next time...


Anonymous said...

Ecat is a horror to pill 2x daily. Our other cats are ok, but E-cat scratches, spits, hides tab in mouth, bites your fingers or runs after you to bite you at the end of it ;) A slow/sustain released tablet taken once a day or a once-a-week tab wld be good.

For my hyperthyroid cat, a transdermal gel to be rubbed on the ears is possible but not available in SG. I need a prescription from a US-licensed vet to order online. Any advice anyone? I have a prescription from my vet-but not sure if it is ok.

If pilling is cut down, cats will be less stressed....& we get to keep our fingers.

Mary said...

Megat is a good boy, i am so proud of him:)