Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Pill-the-cat saga

Since my CPU has gone to reformatting heaven, I am not able to put up new pics of Megat but then maybe it okay as Megat is always seen sleeping, resting, or generally looking disguted at the camera :) This is a very old picture but you can see his lethal fang here quite clearly! Eventhough he doe snot have as many teeth as a young kitty, he can sure pack a punch with the ones he does have now.

The pill popping saga has not ended yet. I much appreciate KXBC's advice and encouragement - 8 pills in under 2 mins! WOW!!!

The last time I had to do this, he bit me and sank his only canine into my forefinger. The pill that he kept spitting out melted under the onslaught and I then just smeared it across his gums and what was left of his teeth! So he actually had to eat it anyway. After the whole event was over, he looked calmly at me and asked me to open the bathroom door. I had sequested us in the bathroom as he could not run away to escpe under beds and tables!

Of course my forefinger is still slightly swollen from that one fang! This Megat is a real fighter! and of course I will continue to practise. I just hope I don't have to pill the real lion in the house - Bujang!!!

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