Thursday, June 11, 2009

Letter to san

Dear san
I feel that I must tell my side of the story. I can't help it if I chomp on your finger. It is the way of all cats. We can't have human beings thinking that they can do whatever they like with the likes of us. I know you will forgive me many things...won't you? Anyway I do not like taste of that prednisolone and to think that there would be steriods in my blood. But what can anyone do about these things?
I felt quite stressed when I could not do the necessary and that was why I had kept quiet and tried to hide. It had been many days already and I could not go when I wanted. I was glad that you did not panic and stayed with me. Also it was good that you shut the door from the other cats in the house. They vex my spirit too much with their rumbunctious nature. I am, as you know, an old cat and I like my peace.
Anyway I always tell you how much I appreciate your actions as I would always sit quietly with you at the end of the day. Thank you for brushing my fur as it makes me calm and feel loved. I know I do not head butt you anymore these days to ask for your attention. I think I have too much of your attention already :)
Good night

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