Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poo tales best left unread for the squeamish

I gave Megat the duphalac yesterday (1 dessertspoon + papaya). I even tasted it before I gave it to him. It tasted sweet and so I was quite confident that he would be eat it happily - and he did! HURRAH! Thanks anonymous for giving me that suggestion again :) [I have many anonymous readers and I thank each and every one of them:)]
I had mashed the papaya and mixed it with the duphalac. I let him sniff it and waited for him to lick it from the saucer. Of course no such luck for me. So I had to put it into 4 syringes - each 3 ml. It came to about 10 ml as the last syringe was not full. Thank goodness Cousin R was about and she helped me to hold Megat while I gave him the mixture. He was very good about it and ate it all without fuss. Cousin R had some also (on her tshirt).After the whole event (or non event) I wiped him clean from head to toe and he jumped up onto the couch to sit with grandma. These days Megat is very guarded with me :)
Result: Yes! This morning, there was a little poo in his litter box, but not much. Then a little in the box at the kitchen bathroom and a little in front of my cupboard!! Oh-oh! But I was not much bothered by this and was just glad that he could actually go. I was quite horrified that he actually tried to go on my bed sheet! ARGHHHH! But I thought a bedsheet can be changed, trashed, laundered, put away but my cat cannot! I was very glad that he was not able to do that though. He then rested and had a little rest.
Ok, although I was glad he did not poo on my bed, I was still anxious that he was straining himself and yet could not poo normally. On a brighter note, he did at least get to do some of it.
However, he also vomitted much of his food. This is the first time in a long time that he had done this. Actually I could not remember the last time he had vomitted food at all :(
Anyway I had put all these notes in my notebook for Dr P today. Cousin R agreed to bring him as I would not be able to do so myself :(. He would not be having IV but only a blood test and some pills. I think he would have lost some weight too as he has refused to eat much of his food for this week. I decided to document his behaviours ever day and I think I should continue to do so. Then I would be able to take note of new behaviours and discuss these things with Dr P to see if they could be the cause of the chemo or not. It would also be useful for the doc as she can read for herself and then ask me questions about him.
I am also considering KXBC's suggestion of giving him only a soupy wet food diet so I can increase his water intake in this way. The only thing that I have to consider is that he is on a Waltham dry kibble diet too although these days, he has refused to eat much of this, preferring the orijen diet of the rest of the amigos. So I had in the last 2 days, given him a mixture of Walthams Renal and Orijen (no grain) diet which he eats quite happily and this morning, there was nothing in his bowl :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry i was not clear. Vet's instruction was to give 1ml duphalac increasing to 1.5ml or even 2ml with 1 dessp of papaya/pumpkin. Once stool is softened, decrease duphalac to 1ml. So sorry, it seems like Megat got a tummy upset with throwing up.
I feel so bad....sorry Megat.

san said...

I think Megat would be very grateful for just being able to go. Thanks for the suggestion and correction :) We are both very grateful although the vomit was a surprise to the both of us. :)

Anonymous said...

I am feeling so bad. San, you are such a gracious person. Megat, praying for yr tum to get well.
Best get the hard stool out first. Vet said not to get stool too soft either-hence delicate balance, not easy to get right.

Old cats are a learning experience.
Our 14yr old cat had swollen eyes since Oct 08. Been to 4 vets. Last was veterinary opthalomogist & learned about herpes virus. Cat's eyes? Open ;) Cat is mobile again and with exercise, constipation improves.

KXBC said...

Something we learned from keeping CC alive while he was a neonatal kitten, ie, keeping daily records on how much, what and when he ate, got poop or not, got urinate or not, colour/concentration of urine, behavior in litterbox, activity level, unusual behavior, hydration level, got wheezing etc.

These help a lot when we bring them in to the vet under emergency cases as our brain can only remember so little. You can easily tell the vet he last pooped x days ago and has/not been eating well etc.

We have been keeping daily records of XX since she was diagnosed with renal and heart failure last year (it's coming to 1 year already). Also for CC who has skin/food allergy. We find it very useful.

Downside is you have to be diligent in updating these records daily. Pen and paper in a formatted sheet is the best.

KXBC said...

Wellness range of food has "no grains" too. CC is on it exclusively as we think he is allergic to wheat gluten.

Go to this site for a better deal. They deliver too for amounts > $55.


Anonymous said...

Addiction has no-grain too-Brushtail and Venison. For my Lab who had cancer, a box of Addiction 2lb ($39.90) wld tickle his throat for a day. After a mth of Addiction, we switched to Orijen ;)

Anonymous said...

KXBC-you are right. Keeping records is impt. We kept records of weekly blood glucose/insulin given to our diabetic cat P from 2001. P went thru 3 surgeries for cancer. Records were useful (to give/not give insulin and how much) as fasting was nec before surgery. Well, P had 3+ good quality yrs of remission & died of kidney failure. Dr L told me to start blog on P but i'm not IT savvy. I am so happy to see San starting this blog for Megat - great job!!