Saturday, June 6, 2009

Prednisone blues

I dun have to take it just because you think I should san...

Trying to get Megat to take his dose of prednisone is an uphill task. He took it in his food for the first 3 days and then he refused to take it all of yesterday (1.5 tabs). He refused to eat the food that I had put powdered prednisone in twice. Then this morning he decided to not eat nor be enticed by even the tuna juice with the prednisone.
I was getting perfectly desperate and anxious when sister S (who is here on a break) taught me how to give him the pill directly. "Scuff his neck and open his mouth with your forefinger. Then place the pill at the base of his tongue, near his throat. Close his mouth gently (so he could still breathe) and caress his throat so he would swallow. Wait and see him lick his lips. Then you would know that he has swallowed his pill. " She then showed me how to do it and Megat took his pill very gracefully. I then tried it for myself for his 1/2 tablet and it was quite successful.
So I am now very encouraged and am quite confident to do it all by myself tomorrow morning. I don't think it would hurt him very much that he had lost his 2 tablets. !! I hope not *cross fingers*
However with Megat, I know that he would refuse to open his mouth some time next week and so I would have to come up with something else sooner rather than later.

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