Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chemo Review 1

Megat's hematology test did not allow his second chemo session as his wbc was 1.88 from 3.97. As this was below the required level of 2.5, Dr P said his cyclophosphamide IV would be postponed till next week when she hoped it would be higher. So he has to only take one tab of prednisolone at 5mg per day. Of course with this , his LYM has decreased to 1.23 from 2.18 (normal 1.5 to 7). The doc recommended that I give him some lin zhi mushrooms to increase his immune system. I had actually got him tablets of 16 mushrooms from that seemed to help other people and their pets to deal with their immune system and cancer and so will give him that instead as well as the milk thistle for his liver.

So essentially his supplement, as of today, consists of 1.5 ml of duphalac and 1 dessertspoon of mashed papaya (he still has constipation) + 2 tablets of mushroom formula and 6 drops of milk thistle. I read that it would be better to give him an aggressive dose of mushroom in the first few weeks of his cancer but as he still has to get used to it, I am only giving him 2. If 2 is the rec dose for an adult, it should be okay for a cat with lymphoma. I will put the pic up once my cpu is ok.

He was also a little dehydrated as he was not drinking much last week and so, if he still refuses to drink this week, I was to syringe him with 10ml of water every hour. Dr P thought that 1x sub q would be enough if I can give him the water in syringes. Of course, as though he understood the doc, Megat immediately drank water from his Dora cup when he came back from his consultation and even today, he continued to drink throughout the day although I would have liked it if he had drunk more. He had drunk more before the chemo.

On the brighter side, his platelets has increased to 90 from 33 although his PCV has stayed at a constant rate of 26 %. His ALT, on the other had, had decreased to 105 from 122.

Dr P also reported that his physical state is good although he is thin. But she recommended that he stays on his renal diet and I was not to subsititute it with another one, even if the diet has no grain in it. I would put water in his dry food but I know he would eat none of it wet. I had tried this the first time he had to go on the diet. :(

Anyway, he is looking brighter and has much more energy but maybe this could be due to the fact that he did not have his chemo this week.


Mary said...

Good boy Megat, i am so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Lingzhi 100% cracked spores powder is available at GNC and Eu Yan Sang (at malls) & other Chinese medical outlets. Our dog had lingzhi from vet clinic, v ex esp he was a large dog (2 bottles a day). Tumor shrank considerably as seen on several of dog's x-rays-but not a cure as dog's lymphoma had metastasized.

Megat and San - stay well.