Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Mushroom Defense

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Description :16-Mushroom Complex
Dietary Supplement
Source Naturals Mushroom Immune Defense is a blend of mushroom mycelia and extracts from 16 of the most well-studied species of health-supportive mushrooms. Although the exact mechanisms of action in the body are not yet fully understood, researchers propose that constituents of these mushrooms may support natural killer (NK) cell, T-cell, and macrophage activity, and cytokine production. By carefully combining these mushrooms and fortifying them with extracts, Source Naturals Mushroom Immune Defense offers a broad-spectrum, high potency, complete mushroom product.

Calories 10
Total Carbohydrates 2 g DV <2%
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 100 mg DV 170%
Shiitake Mycelia Biomass 200 mg †
Reishi Mycelia Biomass 200 mg †
Maitake Mycelia Biomass 200 mg †
Turkey Tail Mycelia Biomass 150 mg †
Proprietary Blend: 1.3 g †

Agaricus blazei Mycelia Biomass, Hericium erinaceus Mycelia Biomass, Flammulina velutipes Mycelia Biomass, Tremella Mycelia Biomass, Schizophyllum commune Mycelia Biomass, Artist's Conk Mycelia Biomass, Poria Mycelia Biomass, Zhu Ling Mycelia Biomass, Pleurotus ostreatus Mycelia Biomass, Cordyceps sinensis Mycelia Biomass, Cordyceps militaris Mycelia Biomass, Armilleria mellea Mycelia Biomass, Shiitake Mushroom Extract, Reishi Mushroom Extract (6:1), Maitake Mushroom Extract (10:1), Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract (8:1), Cordyceps sinensis CS-4 Standardized Extract (0.1% adenosine), Agaricus blazei Mushroom Extract (4:1), and Dr. Nanba's Maitake Beta-Factor™ (beta-glucan) Fraction††.
The mushrooms in bold were thought to be integral to improving the immune system. I can only make an effort and I have yet to see if indeed they would help Megat.
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Anonymous said...

I give supplements (mushrooms, colostrum, lingzhi. pine bark etc) for immunity and believe that they help pets to be comfortable during stressful periods.