Friday, March 18, 2011

Megat's 1st Review in 2011

Megat sitting pretty at home...
after the vet visit...

I know I said the news about Megat would be in our main blog Cat Tales. But I thought I should at least update this blog as this one belongs to Megat.
We have not changed our protocols and Megat is still on his course of sang hwang supposity, liquid extract and colloidal silver. He takes his sang hwang with a little mashed papaya and he is still in remission for 1 yr and 5 months already. I am confident that he would be able to go on for some time yet on this protocol.
Today he was given some laxatone for his hairballs but I know I cannot give him laxatone for an extended period so I will only give this to him for 2 weeks to see how he is. I will be getting some hairball remedies from petsalive. He is also on Liver and Immunity Support as well as KC Defense from there. I have since stopped the Milk Thistle extract as he hates it like the plague and I thought the capsules for Liver and Immunity Support should work just as well.
Hie eyes are a little cloudy, which is only to be expected from a 15 year old kitty. We used to be able to ensure that he has clear eyes with the sang hwang but I guess his age and consition do not allow for it. Dr L said he should still be able to see but not as clearly.
But all in all, the review went very well for my cat Megat.