Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aiyah Kitty

Megat's new bib so the supplements does not mess up grandma's towels too much...
Congrats Megat! May you have many calm days like this one...

The answer to the question that has been plaguing me about the sang hwang and Megat was finally revealed last Friday. I had given him the sang hwang, waited for 10 minutes and then given him his sub q. The sub q takes a much longer time than usual as I am using the 21 gauge needle which he tolerates much better. After that, I had waited for about 5 minutes before I let him go. All in all it was about 35 minutes.

Of cos my curiosity was still piqued and as he walked towards the bins I followed him and waited. Then after he had done his toilette, I looked into the bins and of course saw his poo and what looked suspiciously like the remnants of the sang hwang...and indeed it was. Aiyah Kitty!

So yesterday after his sang hwang and the rest of his supplements, I had cradled him for about 1 hour. he tried to protest but after some time, had a nap :) Then when he was released, he went to the bins, Aiyoh! But he just peed and then went into hiding ...just in case.

So I guess it has to be one hour when done at home...just like the nurse said :)

Btw today is 2nd August. So that makes it two months out of four.


cat_aunty said...

Dear San

i know you are trying your best. I think Megat didn't do it pooing purposely. Maybe the insert stimulates his bowel movement, an instinct.

It is nice to know he likes being held, and can fall asleep in your lap.

Nice looking bib!

Anonymous said...

The bib is a GREAT idea. My cat on Astro crf oil has yellow fur under the chin/chest. Aiyoh...shd have used a bib earlier *knock head*.