Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Congrats Megat!!

Megat resting after dinner...
We decided to cross our fingers for good luck. Grandma wished twice as hard :)
Tanaka in the meantime practised Yoga for peace and harmony :) He sits like this quite a lot.

Our appointment today was actually for 3.45 but we came early. Thank goodness for this as Dr L called for us at about 3.10 pm. WAHH!! We were so impressed. He got down to business immediately and asked me if I had good news for him. I told him Megat is doing well, he is active and eating with good appetite.

So we got him on the table and Dr L proceeded to refer to his notes then he said in firm tones that I must continue with this particular protocol of low doses of vincristine with a 2-week break after a series of 8 doses, coupled with the sang hwang, colloidal silver and Lukeran tablets. In this way he said, we do not have to subject Megat to continuous blood tests. After all he is a 13 year-old kitty. He said that 80% of his patients using the same protocol lived 2 or 3 years longer. I told him that I was very pleased with Megat's state of affairs and would follow this particular protocol.

He then checked Megat's vitals. Gums - hmmm rather pale. He prodded his abdomen. I was very anxious. he checked and prodded and said that he could not feel any hard lumps anymore except for...poo!!WAHHH....I was so pleased and kissed Megat and told him he was a very good boy! Dr L then proceeded to check the rest of his body and announced that he felt no other lumps :)) The both of us could not help grinning although Dr L cautioned me again that THIS in no way means that Megat is cured as there is no cure for lymphoma but it looks promising that he would be able to make it past the 4 months. I said in the previous entry that my best hope was that his lymphoma would not grow in size but this was the bestest news I think. However, Dr L is giving him hepavite capsules (which he hates, even with mashed papaya) for his liver as he is being given a chemo drug.

It could not be helped that Megat has to be given an enema- Microlax. Dr L lined his carrier and gave him the enema. Megat did not beat an eyelash. "this is a good cat. he is so well-behaved." I didn't show Dr L the scratches I got. Why mess his image I thought.

Megat lost no time in poo-ing. I was glad the cab driver did not protest as Megat whined and complained about being in a carrier with poo! He hit his face against the sides of the carrier and it was agood thing I had bought him his very own semi-soft carrier. Once home, I brought him to the loo and Cousin R and I bathed and shampooed him. Cousin R was very impressed with Megat as he enjoyed the warm bath and would even offer us his butt to clean :) Once cleaned, I put him in his night cage and he was finally quiet and rested...not without poo-ing 2 more times though.

However, he was very naughty and did not want to eat his supplements. He spewed all of them out, even the one which was always his favourite. He was having none of it. I was not angry as I thought he had behaved very well during the vet visit, the ride home, the bath and he deserved some aggro time :)

So we do not have to see Dr L until the 8th of September. Way to go Megat!


Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

Big grins at this end too. What good news!

Anonymous said...

Microlax makes my cat poo within 5-10mins but causes nausea/vomitting occasionally. Reason why Megat was not keen on supplements?

cat_aunty said...

Thats the BESTEST news ever!!!!!!!


Hooray for Megat and San!!!!!!

Mary said...

That's great news san; thank you for all that you doing for Megat. Hey Megat, good boy :)