Thursday, August 13, 2009

A trip into the past

Megat now in 2009
Megat then in 2006

I was reading some old entries about Megat when I saw this one The Great Megat Scare from 2006. This was after a few days after I decided to adopt him and when he went 'missing'. Even then he has a rather hard life :). Actually Megat's real name is Shaolin Megat as he used to do the Four_Legged_Box with Bujang and Toro when they so much as looked in his direction. He was also called Megat Hitam and when he was living in the carpark, he was called Screaming Banshee.
Megat's stare was much more intense then than now I think.

My details about him then (Dec 21 2006)

Age : 10+ years (grey film in one eye) It seems you can tell the age of a cat by these cataracts.
He has the beginnings of a cataract and that was how the vet estimated his age.

Weight: 3.75 kg
Other details: FIV positive, has some kidney trouble

Medication: At present vet recommends boosting his immune system. So he is taking 250 mg cod liver oil, ARCferon 0.5 mg from vet. ALFA LINA as recommended by M to improve his skin and coat. Salt water wipes everyday to stop itching. One Drontal Cat Allwormer Tablet for worms. Revolution for mites/lice.

Food: Natural Balance/avoderm but will be eating Life Extension Cat Mix when it comes

Likes: Head Rubs/ Hide and Seek

Dislikes: Noise and frenzied activity

Family: Grandma, san, Bujang (who ignores him), Akira (who vomits at the sight of him) and Toro (who gets on his case at all times).

I think Megat's life is still the same now esp with the meds :)

Daily - Weekday - 1 300mg sang hwang suppository
Weekend - 250 ml sang hwang liquid (X2)
- Health lingzhi with mashed papaya
- Colloidal silver 300ml (X2)
- 1 tablet Natural Defence mushroom (for immunity), pounded into powder and taken with pumpkin and mashed papaya
- 2 droplets milk thistle for liver

Clean wipes - warm water+ shampoo ( about 2 hours after suppository) + warm water + salt solution.

It looks the same for Megat :) and his weight in 2006 when I first got him was 3.75 and now he is 3.68 although he does look better and feel heavier.


Anonymous said...

Is Life Extension Cat Mix a cat food or is it a supplement? I used the supplement sometimes ago.
Megat is looking good despite the added years, thanks to San's care.
Your list is familiar. I have a list like this on my wall for several old pets (kidney, diabetes, heart, hyper/hypo thyroidism) for AM/PM. We have small coloured cups of meds for each pet ;)

san said...

Its cat food - euphemism for Walthams Renal :)

cat_aunty said...

Yes he used to be Screaming Banshee......has it been 3 years already!!!!

Time sure flies!

He does look so much better, and calmer