Saturday, August 8, 2009


I was just trying to get away san...
The solution to our problem..worked rather well...

I used the lining that I still had from last year when I had to bring Callie (the community cat who died of Ataxia in 2008) to the hospital. After the supplements, Megat was put in his lined cage. he very meekly went inside as it is a familiar place and where he feels safe. He sat for the rest of the time on his side, which is important for this exercise to be successful. As he did not ask to be let out and he fell asleep most of the time I did not let him out.

At about 10, which is bedtime for Megat and the boys, I cleaned his cage, got rid of the lining and cleaned Megat as well. I used warm water, some shampoo and a soft cloth. I must say he quite enjoyed the experience and allowed me to clean his butt quite readily. I think its the sensation of warm water. I know he would enjoy the warm water as when we first got him, the vet told me to clean him up with warm water and salt solution everyday until his very fragile skin and the clotted leaves and dirt could be separated. :) After that, I gave him his night snack (Waltham's Renal) and one salmon treat :) This was much easier than all those nights ago for him as well as for me.

I suppose using the liners would be a pretty expensive option so I am exploring the idea of using newspapers.

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Mary said...

san, you can get the lining at Daiso at $2 per pack. Buy the green packing, if i remember correctly, it should be 2 pieces/pack.