Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hepavite woes

Megat ate all his supplements with good grace until it comes to the hepavite. This must really taste very bad - worse than his prednisolone. I had tried to put the hepavite in the duphalac as duphalac is very sweet and might disguise the taste. Poor Megat actually gagged so badly on it and he had to spend some time trying to get rid of the taste. Even his eyes watered from it!I have been trying to give him the hepavite once a day to see if he can get used to the taste instead of twice a day. Maybe tomorrow I would give him only half his capsule and try to build up his tolerance for this. Alternatively I can just give him the milk thistle and forget all about the hepavite that is supposed to help his liver cope with the vincristine.

I am quite surprised that he did not protest too much with the suppository tonight too.


HRH Coco said...

Sayang sayang Megat.

Anonymous said...

Some meds have a after-taste bec not coated or enclosed in a capsule. One of my cats would foam for half an hour ;)
How abt pounding into powder and fill into a capsule for pilling? Capsules come in at least 2 sizes, available at medical halls. Many Chinese pills (they are bitter) are now in capsules. I find it easier than syringing which could be quite messy at times.

san said...

The hepavite is actually in a capsule. I know I would not be able to pill him as I had tried with the prednisolone and had swollen fingers for a week. I thought maybe I should mix the powder in very small amounts and divide it into his various syringes.