Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The answer is NO

NO! I dun wanna eat the hepavite. I dun care what Dr L says. He is NOT a cat!
NO! I dun wanna eat the lingzhi. I will spit all offur it out. What? It has mashed papaya? Ok then.
NO! I dun wanna eat the colliodal silver. Isn't that dangerous? Who has ever heard of eating silver? NO!
NO! I dun wanna have any duphalac and pumpkin. I dun care if there is mashed papaya. NO!
NO! I dun wanna the 1/4 Lukeran. Just NO!
I am so thirsty with saying NO! I'm sorry all of it had landed on your towel, shirt, floor, mats, my fur and nose...but I still say NO!
Okie...I will have some water.
PS. Thank goodness that the sang hwang is already in his system. I would not have thought I would be grateful for the suppository!


suzanna said...

Poor megat!

Poor you!

Anonymous said...

Megat has that "NO" look ;)