Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Short Review of Milk Thistle and Hepavite for Megat

Oaahh too much meds, too many pills...oaahhh
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Milk Thistle: Our Milk thistle entry here- milk thistle entry. Megat takes the milk thistle with good grace as I put it together with his pumpkin and papaya. But these days he is getting rightly fed up with it and has to be persuaded to eat this. I give him the duphalac+ pumpkin and papaya as his constipation is back and I don't want to give him a laxative as yet, although Dr L had given him one in our last visit.
I got him milk thistle after his ALT scores skyrocketed and a few very kind bloggers had advised me to get this for him. I cannot get milk thistle in the liquid form anywhere where I live and so had gone to as advised by Fresh Fry. After one month on this, his ALT was back to normal (from his blood tests). I was very pleased with this. However, when he had his chemo protocol, Dr L said that the sang hwang would also take care of his liver also and so I did not give him his milk thistle everyday. His ALT scores were a little high but not as before. I have taken to giving him the milk thistle back again. I think it better to give Megat the snad hwang plus the milk thistle dose.
However, as he does not have to take a blood test regularly (like when he was with Dr P), I have not been able to see his ALT scores. Dr L said that with his very low doses of vincrsitine (his new chemo protocol) , we do not have to subject him to twice weekly blood tests. This is also good as his veins are very tiny and extremely fragile (he is 13 years old) and we need all his good veins for his vincristine.

Hepavite (I think it costs me about .90 cents per capsule from my vet): I have not been able to give him the recommended dose, 2 per day, as yet (we were given this last week). It has been 9 days. He hate sit and would spit it out. After that he would not take any other supplement as I think the taste was too nasty. So I had tried to make him take 1/2 his capsule but it was no go.
Then I decided that I should go slowly with him and I had put a little of his powder in the colliodal silver + pumpkin. He takes this quite well (with some spitting) but make sure not to put in too much. THAT would be disaster. Finally he was able to take only 1 capsule spread over 1 week.
I can try to get smaller capsules and put the powder in them but that means I would have to pill him. I have not gotten over the fear of his lethal teeth. I know it would stress me out and therefore stress him out.
So it is still regular doses of Milk Thistle with some hepavite powder each day. I was thinking of asking DR L to recommend something that is easier for Megat to take instead of his hepavite but will persevere until his next appointment.
PS: I hope this was helpful to the blogger who had asked me the question.

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I'll order milk thistle tincture when i next consolidate my purchases at VPost. Worth a try.
Thanks for detailed review.