Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Visit with Dr Sh

Hmm...more strange docs

We got to the hospital way ahead of our appt and Dr Sh saw us. Megat got weighed and he has lost some weight - he is 3.68 from 3.74 but the vet didn't think that this was a concern. She took his temperature 38.1 as he was hot and felt his abdomen. The assistant found it a little difficult to take his renal temp as Megat has wisened (??) up to this and had clamped his muscles tightly. Then Dr Sh looked into his mouth and his eyes and pronounced him fit for his 7th chemo shot. She kissed his head twice and told him to be a good boy. It went very well I am very glad to say.

I asked Dr Sh to give Megat his Tuesday suppository as I thought it would lessen my stress this evening when he gets his supplements and obviously it would lessen Megat's stress as well. She first tried to take out some of his poo as she did not want him to poo his suppository. "Woah..phenomenal muscle control!" she said and tried her best to coax him to do as directed. Then with more lubricant she managed to give him his suppository. Thank goodness. She said that after 2 weeks (of letting me have my way), he has become wiser and know what to do to get his way. Aiyah!! THAT is Megat for you.

It didn't take long for the whole thing and we were out in 10 minutes at most. Thank goodness I do not have to coax him to into his suppository today. Yippee!

Megat was very sleepy when he came home and so I put him in his cage until dinner. He sat and napped and after dinner, he pooed in his bins. Of course his blanket was stained by poo and sang hwang. he made many protests until I cleaned him up, shampooed him, wiped him with mango scented wipes and changed his litter. Then he rested comfortably until its time for supplements. He got his treats and is now walking about doing his parameter inspection of the living room :)

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Anonymous said...

Glad that Megat is able to exercise his option to protest!! It means he is good and well. Get stronger with each passing day Megat and give San more "fight" ;)