Friday, August 7, 2009

Revenge of the kitty

The source of all my pain taking a refreshing rest on my bed :)
Fresh scratches in the am from forelegs..
Fresh gashes in the am from hind legs..after being treated with antiseptic

Dried scratches in the pm...

This morning Megat decided to tell me off in the best and most graphic way he can. Usually he is very good in the morning and I can give him his meds very easily. This morning he decided that he had had enough and struggled in my grasp. I was very surprised and did not think on my feet (it was only 5.15 am). I did not let him go and so he did what all cats would do in that situation - he encouraged me to let him go with multiple scratches!

As I was nursing the screaming pain in my head, Megat simply rushed up my bed for some R&R. The thought of spraying antiseptic on these wounds made my heart faint but well..what can you do about it! I took a very deep breath and sprayed as much antiseptic as my trembling hands can cope with. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

Of course after 10 minutes, I could think more clearly and managed to bathe, drink tea and say goodbye to devil cat Megat without wanting to scold him. It was after all my fault for being stupid and hanging on.

When I got home from work, the amigos greeted me at the door and Megat came to welcome me too. I think he had forgiven me and I was glad he did not run off.

However, tonight I had sequested him in his cage after his sub q and he ate his dinner in his cage also. I am now going to go through the sang hwang saga again in 2 minutes but this time I would make sure he goes back into his cage after the hour. then at about 8.30 pm he would be allowed out until bed time.


Anonymous said...

ermm...i think you are having a trying time as well, ermmm...hang on

Anonymous said...

Poor San. It will hurt for days !

KXBC said...

Ouch! I suggest you wear an old long sleeve shirt every time you pill him. Those denim ones which are slightly thicker should give you some sort of protection.

cat_aunty said...

ouch ouch ouch!!!!!!!!!