Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vet Visit for fever

The antibiotics given to us by Dr L
Close up ...
Megat grooming himself by the window this morning
Megat showing an interest of what is happening outside than just sleeping...

The hospital was pretty full up by the time we got there. We were early by 30 minutes but I knew it would take some time for Dr L to get to us and so it was. We had to wait for 1 hour before Dr L could get to us. There were a lot of dogs and as I watched one of the dogs poo-ing outside the hospital (on a piece of newspaper) I was thinking that none of the amigos would do that in such a public place. I also saw a man who has the Golden Retriever taking pictures of the animals in the vet with his hand phone but he didn't ask any of the owners there if he could. I would have thought it would be the polite thing to do.

One of the kids there saw Megat and said 'Ooh ugly cat..' I guess Megat is not very handsome to tell you the truth but he is a nice kitty . But he was very young and his parents were outside with their old Alsatian and the little boy was the only one in the family who thought to bring their dog a drink of water as it was very hot. So I guess he has a kind heart :)

Anyway finally Dr L hurried past us and said that he would try to get Megat a room and he was sorry that he was running late. Then when we finally had a room , he examined megat and asked when he got the fever. I said it was last Wednesday. "Hmmm, one week after the vincristine, so it could not be related." Megat had a temperature of 39.4. "A little high and he has a fever," Dr L murmured.

We got the antibiotic and he said it would be for 4 days. If he was not well after 4 days, then i was to bring him back although Dr L would be away for 10 days. "But if he is well, stay away from the hospital," Dr L joked, "as it would stress him and you too." He is a funny man :)

Dr l said he would see us at the hospital for the vincristine and so I thought I should just keep my appt for the 8th Aug as it was for vincistine. But when I asked who the doctor was that was going to be on duty it was Dr S. The front desk said she was not sure if Dr S has done any vincristine and Dr Sh would not be about. So I decided then that on the 15th it would be.

I asked her if the antibiotic tastes good. She didn't know but she said it smells of chocolate. So I was not too worried as Megat would really spit out the nasty stuff. We put in an order for a bottle of colloidal silver as ours had run out and I got 7 more suppositories.

Megat ate his anti-biotic without fuss and eventhough it was a messy business, I just let it be as I thought he would groom himself anyway and all that paste would end up inside :) So last night he just had his sub-q, his suppository, his anti-biotic, his health ling zhi which he enjoys and his 10 ml of water.

This morning his body felt much better and less hot but he was still very quiet. Once he starts to complain about how late his dinner is, I would be much happier.

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Mary said...

Hi Megat, please recover and be well. You are a good boy :)