Saturday, August 22, 2009

A small step for us...

Yesterday, we decided on a new way to give megat his hepavite - a little at a time, but not too much in case he realised he was being duped into taking the nasty stuff. Since I am still giving him the Milk Thistle, I thought it was wiser to give him just 1/2 a capsule, in various mixtures. Indeed this was the wisest thing to do as Megat ate his supplements quite willingly and did not gag on anything. Although he still doesn't like the taste of Milk thistle, at least he tolerates that rather well in his Natural Defense mixture.

It seems to be getting easier to give him the suppository. I realised that a if I try to push the suppository in with a twisting movement, Megat is less likely to complain and he would not tighten his muscles too much. But of course with Megat, I know there would be many surprises along the way.

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