Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vet Visit with Dr L

Megat resting after dinner this evening...
The ling zhi that Dr L recommends - Sang Hwang ling zhi for cancer
Megat getting sleepy after dinner...

Our visit with Dr L was short and sweet. Another vet was also in attendance (not a nurse) and she took Megat's vitals. He is now 3.77 kg (hurrah) from 3.56 two weeks ago. Dr L came in, after surgery and asked me how old he was. "13," I said. He was very surprised and then discussed his plan for Megat with me. He said that after 2 or 3 sessions, he might recommend that I give Megat a vincristine tablet at home, on alternate days so he does not have to come to the hospital every week. I told him that I have yet to get over Megat biting me and he laughed when he saw that Megat had only 1 canine and a few of his front teeth left. "Its ok to fight with him on alternate days," and I concurred.

There was no blood test as Dr L said Megat looked very well and all his vitals were ok. He was not dehydrated and his weight was good. He said the blood test would be for the time when Megat does not look well. Then in less than 5 minutes, he had given Megat his vincristine, without the catheter, in his very tiny vein on his left foreleg. WAH! I thought. Not bad. Megat did not even have time to recover and all was over. There was no blue bandage and no complaints from Megat. He got the anti emetic and we were out. Dr L said next time we would combine everything together so Megat would only get one injection.

Dr L said we have to be back next week where he will take Megat's blood test to see if he could be given his Endoxan. I seriously doubt it as if Megat is true to form, his wbc would be too low for any of that. We made an appointment to see Dr L again next week.

Dr L recommended the Sang Hwang ling zhi as he said this ling zhi was one that is used for cancer patients. So I said we would try anything at this point. He said there are over 20 types of ling zhi. That is of course true and I have been giving our ling zhi to Megat for his health and indeed it has worked very well as he has put on weight, become more cheerful and playful and generally more alert. Dr L said it would be ok to give him the Sang Hwang lingzhi after we have finished with our health-giving linzhi so I would follow that advice. He said most pets can take the liquid form very well but when I asked his attendant vet, she said it tastes kind of foul and recommended that I give it with some honey. I asked if I could give it with some papaya as Megat likes it that way (I had been giving him his ling zhi with mashed papaya) and she said it would be ok as long as he doesn't have it with any other medication. But then I have only been giving him mushroom supplements plus the ling zhi so I think the whole thing would be ok.

All in all we had quite an easy time of it today, unlike our horrendous adventure two weeks ago with the nurse.


cat_aunty said...

OK Megat it seems that Dr L knows a thing or two....just let him try his skills on you k?

hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

Dr L gave vincristine to my pet, he got the vein perfect everytime. So whenever Dr L was away, i was SO stressed. I have seen my pet's x-rays before and after Sang Hwang - tumor shrank and pet was made comfortable. My pet took to liquid SH well-2 bottles daily.