Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Review Update

I am now supposed to eat Silver? What else? In my butt?No way san_jose!!

Our appointment with Dr L went smoothly and neither Megat nor I was very anxious. We had to wait some time for the doc but when he appeared everything went BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!

He had his usual blood tests - his haematology one as well as his prep profile test. His numbers for his liver is higher than normal but other wise everything else went well. Dr L says the sang hwang also helps with the liver. His weight has gone down slightly from 3.77 to 3.74 kg but the doc was pleased with his progress.

Dr L is going to only give him low doses of vincristine 0.1 only and then we are also doing 1/4 tab of Lukeran every two days. He also gave Megat a bottle of colloidal silver, a tcm supplement as well. he has to take 3 ml twice a day. I forgot to give him his morning 3 ml and allowed him out of his cage. No wonder he merrily scooted off and went into immediate hiding. I did not have time to persuade him at all so that was one chance lost already. I gave him his 3 ml of collidal silver with some pumpkin yesterday and he was quite happy to take it.

Dr L also showed me how to give Megat the sang hwang suppository (ouch). It looks like a small bullet of beeswax and I have to lubricate it with some oil/lubricant. Dr L did it with one gentle push and Megat did not even flinch. Dr L kept telling me that Megat was very 'good' and gentle. Aiyoh! I told the doc that Megat was a very good Pretender and he is always amazingly good-natured at the vet's. :) But once he is home and I have to give him something, its like a small skirmish. (But with Bujang, it would be a 3rd World War!). I was then to hold him close for about 15 minutes for the sang hwang to be absorbed by his body and also it was to prevent him from going to the loo to get it out. :) The assistant held him after that and Megat actually went into some kind of slumber. So the doc and the assistants had quite a difficult time believing my seemingly tall tale about His Fiesty Highness :)

I told the doc I would try especially after he told me that the suppository would ensure he would get 100% of the effects and if I give him the ling zhi orally, 60% would be destroyed by stomach acids! So got 4 suppositories (300 mg each) to try. I would get the capsule if I was not suceesful with them next week.

The protocol is much changed. Now we are doing vincristine only; 1/4 Lukeran every two days, colloidal silver twice a day and sang hwang suppository once a day. With this we hope that he would be able to have a healthy immune system. Dr L says that sometimes if we are very aggressive with the chemo, then the cat dies with the chemo. Although there is no cure for lymphoma, we are working towards the cat dying with the cancer- that is old age and not with chemo. I think this is a wise thing to do for 13 year-old Megat.

Dr L gave him a cocktail of vincristine, metomide and vitamin B complex and so he only had one injection although he had to try 3 different veins. But Megat took everything in his stride to the ring of "You're such a good cat. I can't believe it." :)


Anonymous said...

Glad Megat is not stressed at consult. Learning to live with cancer (in remission) is like kidney management. As long as there is good quality life, borrowed time is as good as any.

cat_aunty said...

Megat does look more alert and energetic.

If he can fight, thats a GOOD thing.

I am not sure about all these meds he is using, but I guess we gotta trust the vet, as he probably knows better than we do.

Hang in there, Megat!!!!