Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Finally my first effort at giving Megat his suppository was successful. I was very anxious and had to try 3 times as the suppository became very slippery with the cooking oil. I bought gloves so it would be more hygienic for Megat and myself. He was not pleased and moved around alot but finally I took a deep breath and pushed it in gently. Then I cradled him with his blanket for about 5 minutes and then gave him the rest of the supplements. After that, Cousin R helped me to clear everything up while I cradled him again quietly. I was afraid he would rush to the toilet to get rid of the suppository. Dr L told me to hold him close for 15 min and the nurse told me I should distract him for an hour. I decided half and hour would do it :) Once I released him from his blanket I allowed him to walk about in the room and he didn't do any 'poo' actions so all is well. I am really relieved.

Of course I had to check the bins to see if Megat had returned the 'gift'...hmmm...what are these things in the bins....I don't see anything resembling the sang hwang but I did see new poo. I hope he was able to absorb the suppository and not wasted it. Actually I don't even know if the poo was Megat's to begin with as I have stopped giving him the papaya and pumpkin for constipation as he is no more constipated and therefore could not identify po anymore :)


KXBC said...

Wow! You dare to push it in.

When CC was a neonatal kitten, he had severe constipation and the vet gave us something to push it into his butt.

He screamed so loudly when I first bean to push in that I could not find the heart to carry on. So just dropped the idea and let the vet do it.

Anonymous said...

I use Johnson&Johnson K-Y lubricating jelly (water soluble) when inserting suppositories for my pets. Apply just a little to one end. I prefer finger cots to gloves. Both available at pharmacy.
Hahaha...i know what you mean. My cancer dog had shark cartilage suppositories nightly and we followed him around to make sure he did not poo-cost plenty $$ besides wasted effort.