Sunday, July 5, 2009

Letter to my cat

Megat on Sunday

Dear Megat

I am glad you are taking the supplements and coping with the vet. You have behaved very well indeed and no one could ask you for anything more. I am very sorry about the harrowing experience that I had put you through last Tuesday. Please forgive me.

On the 2nd of July, I know that you have lived through one month from the day Dr P said you had 4 months to live. Does it mean you have 3 months more with us? I do not know these answers. I only have what the docs have told me to hold on to. I put my faith in you more than the chemo although I should have more faith in what the docs say. I am glad there are people who are trying to help us with this and I thank them for their kindness and concern for us. I know I had told myself I should not watch the days but I can't help it.

I know the supplements have kept you well and you look happy and healthy and I'm sure Bujang does not midn you trying to run him off your mat :) or that you try to muscle into his territory although I suggest you exercise some caution.



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KXBC said...

Perhaps vets give a pessimistic opinion as they may not want to raise our hopes too high.

The vets told me cats with heart diseases can typically only live around 6 months. XX managed to cross her 12 months in Jun. A cat with heart disease in Canada whom I got to know through my blog battled well for 8 years before finally passing away last Oct.

So chin up. Another day fought is another day won. As long as they are not suffering, we should be happy.