Sunday, July 5, 2009

5th visit to the Vet - Vincristine

Megat getting some Saturday sun

Our 5th vet visit was full of incident. Poor Megat did not have an easy time with the catheter. But he was very patient. Firstly he gave blood like the hero that he was, from his carotid and then we waited outside. It took very long as the hospital ran out of reagent!!! AIYOH! So it tool twice as long. Then when it was finally our turn, Dr P was busy with another patient. The nurse J asked me to put Megat on the table as she proceeded to prepare him for the catheter. It was not a successful attempt. I did not want Megat to wait long as he was getting tired and was trembling on the table. I was very stupid and should have asked the nurse to stop and then wait for Dr P anyway. I am very sorry Megat.

Dr P came in and checked J's handiwork. She announced that she would have to find another vein as the previous one was no good. She tried his second foreleg but found his vein too fine for the catheter. Finally she was successful at his hind leg. So he got his vincristine shot at last. Poor Megat was bandaged on 3 legs - like a victim of war!

The doc and I agreed that as his platelets was very low at 22 (normal 100 to 300) he could not get his adriamycine shot. She said it was ok to just do the vincristine and endoxan. So that was what we decided to stick with.

Because of this he does not have to go for 2 weeks and we both hope that his wbc would be better (it was 2.58). So on the 21st July he would go back to hospital for his vincristine. The nurse (not J) told me that Dr P would not be on call as she would be on vacation (although she did say in the room that she would be back on the 21st). I asked him who would be on call and he told me Dr L and Dr S. So I made an appointment for Dr L for Megat. I hope nothing else would go wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Dr L gave my pet vincristine last year, it was perfect every time. Yes, I worried when another vet took over during Dr L's absence. Don't worry, San.