Sunday, July 5, 2009

Poly-mva - our new supplement

Our package finally arrived yesterday...
Contents - 2 bottles and 2 syringes packed in styrofoam...

The much-awaited supplement for Megat...

Megat trying to prevent me from reading the literature...

"So she doesn't give it to me...more supplements...oh noooo!"

The Poly-mva finally arrived for us. We had to pay some taxes on it unlike the supplements we got from This supplement does the following:
  • assist the body in producing energy by recyling the free radicals, not just quenching them
  • supports liver funsctions
  • assist in promoting healthy cell integrity
  • assist in removal of hevay metals from the bloodstream
  • acts as a powerful antioxident and detoxifier
  • support nerve and neurotransmitter function
  • enhances white blood cell function
  • support pH balance, helping to maintain oxygenation of cells and tissues

Of course the website has much more information. I know that pH balance and oxygenation of cells and tissue are paramount in trying to combat cancer.

It tastes like something you get from the doctor for a nasty cough. But with some pumpkin, it doesn't taste bad. Megat likes it with pumpkin and he has to take 1ml 2x a day. I think Megat has gotten used to his nightly ritual of supplements which makes it less stressful for him and for me.

I think the supplements of milk thistle, ling zhi, Natural defense with 16 mushroom combination has worked very well for him as he is not as tired as before when he has to take vincristine. He is now alert, his eyes are clear and he is drinking by himself. :) I am much encouraged as he is better able to cope with his chemo.

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Anonymous said...

When my pets are "down", i make chicken essence - steam pieces of skinless chicken with a little water. I just made that for my 3 kg & old dog who is rather listless & losing wt. Doggie laps it up without any encouragement, cats are more fussy. I offer 1 teasp and work up to 2 dessp 2x a day. Of course it does not work with all pets esp those who are allergic to chicken.