Monday, July 27, 2009

Update on Sang Hwang

No he doesn't like the liquid version of the ling zhi. I have tried it with papaya or pumpkin or both. However he can be persuaded to eat it first thing in the morning before grandma lets him out of the cage. He has to be swaddled like a baby and be given the sang hwang very firmly. After this bottle, I would have to ask the doc for the powdered form which he tolerates better.
Cousin R bought me a tin of canned pumpkin by Libby's. Its 100% pumpkin and used for making pies. I now use this instead of mashing pumpkin. Megat takes this much better in the syringes with his supplements although he does not like it in his food. For THAT, I have to give him mashed pumpkin!
He has not put on much weight from last week. Instead Cousin R thinks he has lost some and so I have taken to giving him back the health ling zhi as well.


cat_aunty said...

Maybe you can weigh him at home?

With all the pumpkin he is eating, I doubt he will lose weight?

Mary said...

san, when you syringe Megat, try to aim the syringe very near his throat instead of at the side of the mouth so that he need not taste very much what he does not like to taste :)

Anonymous said...

Syringe from side of mouth (behind canine) diagonally towards the inside of the back teeth of opposite side of mouth - that was what i was taught. This is to prevent choking. When syringing liquid, you have to do it slowly so there is no risk of any liquid going down the "wrong" way ie into lungs. Not sure if that is true, but it scares me to be careful.