Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i'm keeping my eye on you san

I know what you're up to. The answer is NO...

No san..I dun want to eat the sang doesn't taste good...

But Dr L says its for cancer silly. I tasted it. It tastes like nothing. It has no taste.

We cats have more refined taste buds. Take that syringe out of my mouth you silly bean. You can't make it eat it in the morning..

But its good for..


Btw he had to eat it anyway as I had swaddled him well and good in the morning. Then he had some kibble so he forgot all about it. :)


cat_aunty said...

Dear Megat please please give SanHwang a try?

Anonymous said...

Poor Megat. Cats have good taste of course. Our MCat took 1ml liquid Sang Hwang daily with papaya mixture. The dog had a bottle of HS with meals and he gobbled everything up ;) Ask abt the 250mg and 400mg SH powdered capsules if it is any easier for Megat.