Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Supplements

For the 1st time, grandma helped me to hold him while I gave him his shark cartilage suppository. Actually tonight was the 1st time that grandma had to hold him for any suppository. Megat was not a good patient as he knew he could mess about with grandma. Usually it would be Cosuin R or me that would hold him for the suppositories. He struggled a little and yelled at us but we managed to get the shark suppository in him without incident. I then gave him the necessary colloidal silver and water. It would be better to be quick and fast so the rest of his supplements (health lingzhi, milk thistle, pumpkin and the Natural Defense) would have to wait until Cousin R can help me.

I had held him for a little longer before putting him in his cage so I will see whether his stools would have the cartilage tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering, is suppositories 2x a day good for the cat's rear end? You've to be careful not to bruise area. I have a cat who needs enema to poo and his rectum is treated with highest respect - not that you are not of course ;) If you coat suppository with lubricant, it wld probably pop right out again. I feel the stress for you and cat!! I know I do ;(