Friday, September 25, 2009

Megat's Review 24 September 2009

Megat's picture taken on the 3rd day of HR
The Feline Inteferon - 7 injections on alternate days

The shark cartiledge suppository to be given once a day at night in addition to his sang hwang suppository which will now be given in the day...

The hospital was as usual very crowded and when we came there was already a crowd of walk-ins. Dr L saw us 1 hour later than our scheduled appointment but Megat was very steady, even when a dog started to sniff at him and chew the strap of his carrier! He is used to all this I think as we have been in this position for 3 months already.
Dr L saw his gums and announced that they were still pale and as such he would not be doing a blood test. Instead he gave us 7 days worth of Recombinant Inteferon Alpha-Mutagen for Cats. He told me that this one is made with feline protein (?) and so Megat should not have any adverse side effects. He also said that as Megat is still anaemic and the vets were not able to ascertain if the depressed system was due to his FIV or his chemo, then we should proceed with some caution.
He also gave us 24 shark cartiledge suppositories. Of course my dilemma was whether I should even use shark cartiledge in the first place as sharks have been exploited to near extinction. Finally my cat won the day and I trust Dr L knows what he is talking about.
"We will beat this cancer!" was Dr L's final words for us and I trust that we will try to the end until Megat decides that enough is enough!
Megat has lost some weight and he is now 3.12 kg! How can a cat lose so much weight in 1 week from 3.65 kg? He feels as heavy as before and his bones do not protrude as much as when he had his fever 2 weeks ago. I would like to think that this was due to the faulty weighing machine as Dr L's assistant had to bang on it several times as the numbers kept disappearing :) Nevertheless I am keeping watch on his diet. He has been eating all of his Walthams Renal and stealing the other boys' kibble when they were not looking.
Dr L also advised that we stop all medication except for his supplements and we would have to come back in 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

It is encouraging to hear positive comment from Dr L. Dr L told us right at the start that our dog cancer was terminal and that with good palliative care, dog would be comfortable for a few months. Dr L was right. Keep well always Megat.

KXBC said...

I believe the shark cartileage comes from the other "bones" of the shark rather than just the fin.

There are actually sharks being consumed. Meat and all. So at least the animal is not just killed for the fin but the whole thing itself.

Can I suggest you buy a reliable digital weighing scale from Isetan? They bring in a few models ranging from the simple ones (just weight only) to those which measure weight, water % and fat %. During their sale period, it can go as low as double digit. I find it really useful to monitor their weight (and mine of course) this way as the chances of it becoming spoilt is so much lower than the traditional spring scale. It is more accurate too.

Watsons has a lower range too which is below $50 if I remember correctly.

Don't bother buying the Osim one. Too pricey.