Friday, September 25, 2009

An Inteferon How-to

This is a delicate operation and so everything must be up and ready
1. The Recombinant Inteferon Alpha-Mutagen for Cats
2. The syringe with the err...liquid that I need to combine with the powdered Inteferon in the bottle. I also needed to pierce the grey rubber stopper with it.
3. The 25 gauge needle that I need to use to inject Megat under his skin

The grey stopper can be seen when the blue protective cap is removed...

The 1st needle that is used to pierce the grey rubber stopper to release trhe clear diluter (?)

I need to change the needle as by now the 1st one would be dull
Its 25 gauge and so the needle is fine and I hope the operation painless for Megat

Cousin R doing the delicate operation of releasing the now-liquid inteferon into the orange needle
and we are all set for the new procedure of giving Megat his inteferon injection for the day

Needless to say I was full of trepidation when I had to inject Megat with the Inteferon. I think the whole procedure gave me a lot of stress and I had to remember what to do first and last [yah the cat is last:]
I had to lay down all the apparatus and then rehearsed how to put the whole thing together. Cousin R said I should take pictures of it as it would enable me to remember the whole thing clearly in pictures :)
However once I actually put them together, it was not so bad and Megat did not complain as the 25 gauge needle was very fine. I gave him a treat and he was very happy with it. I have 7 of these bottles to get through but I am now more confident about it.
After this, I gave him his shark cartiledge suppository and 10 ml of water only as he deserved to rest.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the step-by-step pics. I have reconstituted antibotics for our parrot in a similar way!

How is recombinant interferon different from the normal milky liquid interferon which is normally given 1wk on/1 wk off? How does interferon help Megat?

Our FCat is presently on normal interferon (+ other meds) and his gingivitis cleared up in 5 days. FCat does not go to a*** bec gingivitis is not serious enough for big bucks ;)

I have used the shark cartiledge suppository for my large dog. The dog passed it out now&then as it took a while to dissolve.

san said...

Sorry I didn't ask Dr L. He says this is created using feline protein. Sometimes Interferon (I read in the net) uses human proteins and they use it for cats too. But of course this may NOT be the reason lah. More to the point its because of his very low immunity problems. Maybe its where the big bucks are cos aiyoh very expensive.

Anonymous said...

i see chinese characters....i's not made in china?

Anonymous said...

My 15yr old cat needs enemas. The China-made enema from a*** (chinese characters on box) is more effective than Mic**. It works.

I have used China-made pills recommended by Dr L (besides other meds) for our 4 kidney cats. Creat&BUN are within normal range. BTW, exact product is available on-line from US-probably means sale of item is approved.

50+ yrs ago when our cats had loose stools, my mom gave 5 small po-chai pills. Vets? Where? China-made pill was attempt to prevent further dehydration those days.

KXBC said...

I hate the injection part even though they may only feel a little sting. I think the whole process is more stressful for me than the cat.

Luckily for me, I did not have to inject XX for the past one year.