Friday, September 25, 2009

FIGHT Megat!

Megat now is the proud owner of 3 black whiskers from 7. I can see that the rest of his whiskers are growing as he had had a whole month free from chemo but I guess we will still have to see what happens.

Dr L says he prefers to try other methods first until his anaemia is under some control. There is no use putting more poision (vincristine) into his system right now. I am okay with that as I trust Megat will be okay for now. Of course the lumps may come back and he may have other complicatiosn but for now, he is a happy cat who gets involved with everyone in the house, even the guests who came for Hari Raya. He was always in the thick of things and he enjoyed himself thouroughly with all the pets and cuddles and praise. He was in several photo opportunities too :)

At the hospital we saw a cute pomeranian with a skin problem or maybe a tumour as we can see a bulge against his side. He was very cheery and interested in all the goings-on. His owner was telling us that she brought him here on the insistence of her son who thinks the vets here and this hospital would be more able to help the little dog. Fight Little doggie! Fight!

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