Monday, July 8, 2013

Update 2nd Vincrsitine

Megat went for his 2nd vincristine on 5 July and I was glad to find out that his weight had remained stable - from 3.67 to 3.5 kg. I was glad he did not lose any more weight than he already did. He was given prednisolone to help him with his lymphoma - GI tract as well. I am hoping that it would also help him with his nausea and lack of appetite but it was a no go.

He was given the following injections:
He had Betamox 0.50
Depredil injection 0.50
Dexaason injection 0.50
Metomide injection 0.50
Vincristine sulfate injection 1mg 0.10
Vitamin B Complex injection 0.30
With these injections, he did not get his usual fever and when he came home he very willingly ate his dinner and was quite active. However his appetite is not good and every morning he needs to be fed with syringes - baby food - pumpkin, potatoe and beef. Although I know that cancer will feed on carbohydrates, he still needs to eat something. He would not eat the wet pouch of Walthams Renal formula at all and vene when I had force-fed him, he was very unhappy and had spat it all out again. At least, he was willing to swallow the baby food.

I have been trying to find baby food with more meat than carbo, it was not a success.

i am also giving him C Caps - half in the morning and half at night apart from his usual sang hwang lingzhi suppositories (24/7), his sang hwang liquid extract 1.5 ml per day, his colloidal silver 2ml per day, the kidney activator 1 per day, prednisolone 1/2 per day, salbutamol 0.1 per day and his daily SubQ 250 ml per day.

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