Monday, June 24, 2013


Megat had a relapse and his lymphoma is back - his intestines this time. Dr Ly did tell me repeatedly that there is no cure for lymphoma and it might come back so I was in a sense prepared for this. I am not as scared this time round and will do the same as before.

The regimen will now be just the 0.1 of vincristine with the usual protocol of:
The chemo protocol that has helped him through his first bout of lymphoma is below. This is what we will follow this time round. 
Sang hwang suppository 1x a day
2.5 sang hwang extract (1 ml in the morning and 1.5 ml in the evening)
2 ml colloidal silver (1x1 twice a day)
10 drops of milk thistle/silymarin (if liver functions deteriorates)
1.5 ml duphalac for constipation. 
He takes all this in a mixture of strained pumpkin and papaya. 
250 ml Hartmann's Solution daily for SubQ

He would get 8 weeks of vincristine with a 3 - week rest and 1 comprehensive blood test after the 8 weeks.
He is now asleep but he has a slight fever from the vincristine. 

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