Friday, July 12, 2013

Update on Osteopathy Therapy for Megat

Dr L treated Megat yesterday. As usual Megat was quiet as Dr L performed acupressure. Megat left kidney was marginally better than 2 weeks ago but still it was encouraging. 

He advised that I give Megat some home-made beef or chicken broth if I have to force- feed him in the mornings instead of the pumpkin-potato-beef mixture of commercial baby food. Less dry food was the recommendation as well as his kidneys need to improve. Dr L felt that a compromised kidney might contribute to his problems in his intestines. 

We are making the beef broth for him today. I was supposed to make a broth out of beef and bones and feed it to him in the morning, with no vegetables. I also found a few cans of no-grain Call Of The Wild, and had sieved that to feed him this morning. He liked it quite a bit as he did not spit it out at me. I had added a little gravy from Whiskers beef and chicken. 

He eats by himself in the evening and he also has about 15 to 20 gm of kibble for a snack. For this I say thanks everyday :)

Later today he is going for ultra sound and of course his vincristine injection. 

Keep the Faith Megat!!

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