Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vet Review 5 April 2012

Megat sitting pretty with me...
his test results on 5 April 2012

Dr L was plaesed with him as well. "The coat is good and he's put on weight!" He was 3.9 at the last review but now he is 4.35! I am glad with that as he has been vomiting a few times. Dr L said he could be allergic to one of the canned food that we give him in the morning or at night. But he gets very little of that even so.

The worrying lump on the underside of his right hind leg has not changed in size or shape so Dr L said there was nothing to worry about now and I should just continue with the same regimen that we have. And so we shall.

I am a little concerned that his TP is 8.5 but Dr L said I should just give him the usual 1x sub-q. The last time he vomitted for a whole day. His TP was 7.9 and Dr T said I should give him 2x a week sub-q. I have to think about this a for a few days...hmmm...

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