Friday, January 22, 2010

Miracle Megat: RECOVERED

Dr L saw him and could not believe he is 14 years old this year. He took one look at Megat and smiled widely. "This is the cancer cat who is doing very well," he told the trainee vet, who was busy typing his words into the computer. He gave Megat the once over and admired his coat. "Coat beautiful, eyes bright, weight good, not dehydrated and gums red. A good colour!" He also listened to Megat's heartbeat.

He then told the trainee vet - Review : RECOVERED! WOAHHHHHH!!! All of us smiled broadly when he said the words. He told me that we should just see him 6 times per year and so that makes it every 2 months! he then told the trainee vet what we had done for MMegat(Miracle Megat) and told me that I should continue with his supplements as it is working very well for MMegat.

He was surprised that I still give Megat one suppository a day. "That's expensive!" I totally agree. I guess now I can give him the suppository on alternate days with the liquid sang hwang in between. This would mean MMegat will not be so upset with the suppository for a whole week but just 3 days in the week. He would have to eat the liquid version on all the other days so his system would still be fortified.

I asked Dr L to put in the suppository so I would not have to fight with him. In no tie at all, it slipped in with MMegat not seeming to notice. HUH! I said out loud. Dr L then told me that I should push the suppository downwards and not straight as I have always done. AIYAHHH!

I must say that he looks the best among the 5 kitties and when I told Dr L this, he laughed and said "Of course. He gets sang hwang everyday!"

I must say I am _so relieved_ to see RECOVERED in his record and card. There is nothing better for a cat bean I think and for the cat of course.

His daily regimen is still as follows for maintanance:

His cocktail -

1. Sang hwang suppository (on alternate days)
2. 2.5 ml sang hwang liquid on other days
3. 2.5 ml colloidal silver
4. 10 drops of milk thistle for liver
5. mashed pumpkin and papaya plus 1 ml of duphalac for stools
6. 0.5 ml of flaxseed oil for Omega 3. Thsi also bind the coktail togtehr and Megat likes this version much better. He spits less.

7. 10 globules of Bach Rescue Remedy No 6 - Loss and Mourning so he would be calm (all the kitties get this in their water)
8. 10 ml of water in a syringe to wash it all down and clean his teeth. His teeth is now much whiter than before.
9. 0.5 of senior kitten vitamins.

The cocktail and regimen sounds like a big deal but nothing is a big deal when your kitty is recovering from lymphoma. the only big deal is that he is RECOVERED. But I still have to be vigilant at all times although I know I can relax just a little bit now.

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