Monday, March 15, 2010

Megat's Review

Today is Megat's review after 3 months. Dr L said now that he has recovered, we only have to see him 4 times a year. He is doing well and there are no signs of lumps that I can feel and he is healthy and happy. He had coughed 3 or 4 times these last 3 months but I do not think those were significant but will tell Dr L nevertheless.

I have given him the sang hwang suppository only 4 days out of the week. He gets none in the weekends because grandma is not strong enough to hold him and he gets no sang hwang or supplements on Fridays when he gets his subQ as I thought he has enough aggravation on one day. But I would put in the liquid sang hwang in his supplements as he sometimes manages to pop out his suppository. I have taken to putting his suppositories in the fridge as if not they lose their firmness and would break off when I am trying to give them to him. He sometimes growl deeply and kick his legs when I put them in though because they are cold I guess.

I took out his carrier just now to put on the table and when he saw it, he immediately ran into the bedroom and then peeked out at me, to see if I am going to grab him. But his appt is at 3.15 and so he would have time to relax and he would come out later when he realised that no one is coming to grab him at all :) It is always easier this way with Megat, even with his supplements.