Thursday, December 31, 2009

Letter to my cat

Megat resting on his now fav mattress...

Dear Megat

You can't imagine how thankful I am that you are still with us, cheery and happy. It is amazing to me that at 14, you have just begun to play with the rest of the boys. This tells me that you have accepted all of the silly boys as part of the family and as they play with you, even Bujang, then things will get better.

I am also thankful that you now seek opportunities to play and would be the first to catch any lure rather than skulking under tables and chairs. I guess you must still teach Tanaka some manners as he is young and loves to jump on you :)

I think you are much healthier now than before as you have indeed grown much bigger and your fur is longer than before. THAT is irony in itself.

I remembered the shock I had when Dr P said you had lymphoma an dhad only 4 months and I dread to think if did not have the means to get you the help, you may not even be with us now. So I thank the powers that be that I had the means to get you help and we did get the right help with DR L at ARCV and because of that you are now 3 months in remission.

So Megat, life would still be filled with supplements and lingzhi and I would still be on your case until whatever time you allow me to be but I hope and know and I hope that you know, we will never leave you alone.

Happy 2010 Megat. May all of us have many more good years.



cat_aunty said...

what a year it has been for megat and you

we is glad you are with megat every step of the way

happy new year to u and megat and the amigos, and many many more to come

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Megat is in remission, feeling good & has the chance (with San's devoted care) to have many more cheery & happy years.
Our cat had squamous cell carcinoma at 11yrs and lived another 3.5 yrs-thanks to Dr L.
Wishing San & amigos, a happy 2010.