Saturday, November 21, 2009

Remission is a sweet tune. Our Chemo Protocol

Remission is the best word in the English language too...
My whiskers have grown too :)
His usual regimen in syringes...

The daily regimen for 5.5 months
The foil is the sang hwang suppository - 1x daily
The clear syringe is 10 ml o water
The dark 10 ml syringe is a combination of 2.5ml colloidal silver, 10 drops of milk thistle, pumpkin and papaya combination and 1.5 ml duphalac. If he doesn't take the sang hwang suppository, there would also be 2 ml of sang hwang liquid. There is also some oil to lubricate the suppository. He also gets some cranberry so we would not have UTI complications. This is just a precaution.

Megat likes fresh pumpkin. I have to boil the cubes lightly and then mash both the pumpkn and papaya though a sieve. So its very fine. He gets this with 1.5 ml of duphalac as if not he would get constipation.
Our armoury of supplements....
Yup...and vitamins for senior cats...
All of that gets reduced to just 2 syringes daily. I used to have to have at least 5 syringes but have pared them down to 2, with just enough pumpkin and papaya.

When we saw Dr L on the 17th, I was very nervous as I thought I felt a lump in his abdomen. I was very glad to know that he is free from all lumps in his lymph nodes and he is in very good health.

When Dr L saw him, he smiled and said "What can I tell you?" "He is doing really well and this is a good regimen." He reminded me that the lumps may come back as there is no cure from lymphoma but we were both very glad that at least Megat's journey with us would not be cut short.

I was very glad to see him type "Remission" in his files and to know that we are now part of the 80% of success stories in the practice.

As Dr L was typing the details, he said it would be good if I put this regimen out on the web or facebook. "He has a blog," I told Dr L. "A blog?" Hahaha....So here we are putting up our success in the net. We hope it would give other cat owners hope too...

Postscript: Apart from this daily regimen of supplements he used to have to undergo 0.10 ml of vincristine weekly for 8 weeks with Dr L. We did not have to go through fortnightly blood tests for Megat as Dr L said the dose was very small. Then he had a 3 week break from the vincristine. It was after that that we had blood tests for as his pcv was very low and his anaemia did not allow anything else to be done. He had to eat other suppements as well as the Interferon . I had noted this in the sidebar. It was easier when DR L did ot use the catheter to inject the vincristine. He is very experienced and the whole procedure would take at most 15 minutes.

His previous vet had to use the catheter and the procedure would sometimes take 30 minutes and sometimes he would tremble as the vet would have to use his other veins if the catheter was not secure. Once all of his legs had to be used as his veins were too fragile for the catheter. It was one of the most harrowing moments for him, for me and I'm sure for the vet. He also had one dose of endoxan, which affected him quite severely as he did not want to eat nor drink and became lethargic. This is the entry that described his 1st chemo protocol.


HRH Coco said...

Yayy!! That's the bestest news for your bean and for all! All your hard work has paid off.

You guys should be proud of yourselves. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am very happy to hear that Megat is in remission. I will continue to pray for him.

Mary said...

Happy New Year Megat, to you, your sibilings and your human family :)