Friday, September 27, 2013


Megat will go to the vet again this evening. Yesterday, he was breathing rather quickly and of course his abdomen is even more distended now. However the surprising thing was he was able to climb onto my bed to rest although I must admit that he has been resting in his cage more and more as he has to do no climbing there.

He has been eating the albumin although not as readily as before. However, if I mix the albumin in his food for the syringe, he would eat the whole mixture quite willingly. I think there is no albumin taste then. I will have to discuss this with his vet. Also I wonder if his 250 ml daily Sub Q had contributed to the fluid as it may be too much for such a small body to take everyday as well.

We will see what the doctor says later and give an additional update.

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Neil Blackwood said...


I'm not sure if you feed your cat raw/food as nature intended, but there is a a lot of information out there on the healing effects of a biologically appropriate diet for cats. I only know of one company in the UK that manufactures raw/decent cat food - Nature's Menu

Our cat has been eating this food for years now, since switching from regular cat food, she has lost weight and has never been healthier.

Hope this helps and Megat improves!

Best regards,