Monday, September 30, 2013

Review Fluids in abdomen

I had a very tiring time but am better now.

I brought Megat to the vet yesterday as his abdomen was even more distended and he had difficulty walking, going to the toilet and getting up on the bed. He had some difficulty breathing on Thursday night as well.
When we saw Dr Ly he immediately said that he would have to remove some of the fluids . So he had a brief consultation with the imagists and then Megat was whisked to another part of the hospital for the procedure. Dr Ly then informed me that once they have extracted as much fluid as they can, they would do another ultra sound for him to see all the organs and the pancreas as well. We didn't manage to see the pancreas last week because of the fluid.

After some time Megat came back yelling and very alert. It was good sign that he was complaining about what they had done to him and he was eager to see what else went on in a hospital. I was very glad for that.
They had extracted 450ml of fluids from his abdomen. The ultra sound was clear and there was nothing worrying in any of his organs. There was only the thickening of his intestines which Dr Ly told us about some months ago.

Dr Ly said that since there was nothing else, he suspected that Megat's lymphoma was active again as there was no cure for that. So the final decision was to continue to help him to lead a comfortable life with no chemotherapy (which was decision I made some time ago) and so the protocol remains much the same. If the fluids accumulate again, the only way is to remove it. This time they had used just the needle and not the suction as it would be easier for Megat and less traumatic. However there is still some fluid remaining as they wanted to be safe.Btw his PCV remains good at 27.

This morning I had given Megat a bath as he has been unable to take care of himself well and he was unable to go into the litter bin because of his distended abdomen. He was quiet during bath time protesting only when I had shampooed his feet. Here he is drying himself.

He even had a drink if water. I must say that this is only the third time that I had seen him drink water in many months. I think it's because I made the decision to lessen the SubQ fluids. He has not had any SubQ fluids in 2 days as I think the fluids may have contributed to the accumulation of fluids in his abdomen.
From today however I would have to give him the SubQ but only 150 ml instead of 250 ml daily. Dr Ly recommended this as he said the SubQ may have contributed to the edema. (Thanks D for drawing my attention to this possibility)

This is Megat taking a break on my bed that he climbed onto by himself. He also has a new collar. Megat seems happier as he has always been very particular about cleanliness and would demand that I clean his litter in his night cage immediately if he had pooed in it.

Here Megat is sitting on grandma's bed. He had not been here for 3 weeks which was the duration of the edema. Now he is resting well with grandma.

I am much more positive now about his condition than before. Even though Dr Ly said there was nothing to be done about the fluids I am glad we still have the option of extracting it when (not if) it happens again.
He will still be with the albumin regime that needs to be taken neat, not in his food nor with his food. Dr Ly also recommended Th17 capsules, a protocol that provides for cancer care. We will look into it as it has had good results for cancer patients.

- may all be well and be blessed -

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