Saturday, October 10, 2009

Megat on Saturday

Megat looking grumpy on Saturday...
He is a little thinner but his coat is good and soft. Its also a little sparse although he has not gotten any vincristine for 2 months. His whiskers are all growing back but I guess when he undergoes the second round of vincristine, they would all disappear.

Megat is has been eating very well eversince he had the inteferon injections. He has always eaten well but now he has taken an interest in everyone's bowl. He even waits in case he can get a second helping :) I am very pleased as he had lost quite abit of weight after his fever.
He is still taking his supplements although we now do not have the sang hwang suppository as the vet ran out of them. So he gets the nasty liquid one which I have now disguised with pumpkin and papaya so he takes that a little better. I have to still give him the duphalac and pumpkin as if not, he would not poo easily.
The shark cartilage is a little problematic as it does not go in as well as the sang hwang. Of course Megat is now an expert as tightening is muscles and also at kicking and yelling. So the shark cartilage would only go in about 1 inch into his anus. I am supposed to make sure that at least it is 2 inches inside. So sometimes he has a little trace of shark cartilage on his tail and of course there is always traces of cartilage in his poo.
Nevertheless I am glad he is alert, happy, affectionate and eating well.

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Anonymous said...

Wah!! My cat too!! Wonder how cats can tighten anal muscles so well but not willing to push poo out. Same muscles what.