Monday, June 27, 2011

Good Intentions...

are sometimes just that san!

Our plan to give Megat less meds backfired on us. Last week he got only 3 days of meds and fought us very hard on those days. He is not usually so contrary and would take his meds quite easily (with some fight as usual) but last week, it was all fight and very little meds!

So we decided to give him his lingzhi as usual so he would just expect to get it every day (5 days a week with weekends off) as usual. I think he forgot he has meds to take and considered each alternate day, the first day he was ever given meds!

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Southbaygirl said...

Hi! I was given your blog address because my cat, 3 perf, has what we think is Gastrointestinal Lymphoma. Unfortunately, he is NOT good at the vet. He had an ultrasound that indicated he has GI Lymphoma but it's not a definitive diagnosis. He would need a biopsy. He stressed so much having the ultrasound that I cant put him under the duress of a biospy or chemo.

So I am under the assumption that he has GI Lymphoma and am treating him as well as I can considering he is a BAD patient. He gets green tea extract everyday and prednisolone every other day but that is it. I am very interested in Chinese medicine and alternative therapies. And would love to get more information on what meds you are giving Megat for his Lymphoma? is it the Sang Hwang liquid/suppositories? Or the collodial silver?

Thanks so much!!

Penny and 3 Perf